Unreturned items (UI-LOST)

When items are checked out and not returned, there is a annual process that breaks the link between the user and the LOST-ASSUM item so the item can be withdrawn.  The item is at least 18 months overdue at the time this is done.  The user is both billed for the lost item, and is barred.


WALS uses a two reports to process items that have been checked out and not returned, and are not expected to be returned. These items show in the database as LOST-ASSUM. 

The first report, Process Long Overdue Items, does five things:

  1. Discharges the item from the patron record
  2. Bars the patron
  3. Puts the item in a location of UI-LOST for later removal
  4. Creates a generic UI-ITEM bill for each item
    The bill does NOT give the title of the lost item.
    The bill is the price of the Item if the price is in the item record.
    The price is $25 for anything without a price in the item record.
  5. Creates a Lost-Item note in the patron record for each item removed.

The title, call number, Item ID, and due date are included in the note. The information in that field is searchable with a keyword search of the notes field.  The note stays in the user's record until manually removed.

There is NO link between the item in the notes field and the bill.  If the patron pays the bill, or the item is returned in the book drop, the note must be removed manually.

The second report, Remove Item by Location, permanently removes the UI-LOST items from the database.   If it is the last copy, the report also removes the bibliographic record.

This process is done annually to remove items from the database.