Claims returned

Claiming an Item Returned (General)  -- Claiming an Item Returned (step-by-step)

When a patron claims to have returned an item, there is a circulation wizard to handle the process.

The claims-returned date must be set to the due date to keep fines from accruing on the item.

The Item:

  • Shows in the catalog as Long Overdue, Unavailable.
  • Shows on either the user’s ACTIVE check out list or on the INACTIVE list. The item stays on the user’s list until the item is returned or the library manually handles it.
    Note:  If the item was claimed returned after the lost notice was generated, the item displays on the user's INACTIVE list.
  • Does NOT display on their user’s checkout list
  • Does NOT display in My Account in the catalog
  • Does NOT go through the lost-assum processing

The user does not get any further notices on the item.

The claims-returned counter is incremented for each item and an alert showing the number of claims returned items displays when the user record is called up. The counter does not decrement if the item is returned. The counter can be reset manually in Modify User (privilege tab)

The library needs to decide whether the claims-returned items are to be billed or forgiven and then take care of the items. Winnefox can provide lists for the library.

The system does not record or display which library claimed the item returned.

Clearing the Claims-Returned

Clearing the claims-returned item is done by discharging the item. Write down or copy (for later pasting) the Item ID.

There are two parts to the process:

Is the item going to be made missing or withdrawn?
Either use the missing wizard to set the item missing or check it out to the library’s Withdrawn user. Either process will require an override. It may require a second override if there is a hold on the item. The standard override works for this step.

Is the user is going to be billed?
If the library is billing the user, it must be done using the Bill-A-User wizard. Use the bill reason of BILLCLMRET. The library decides the amount of the bill. The system requires the item ID.

If the library does not bill the user for the item, nothing further needs to be done unless the library chooses to put a note in the patron record. Some libraries put the date and the title of the claims-returned item that was forgiven.

If the item does not belong to your library, please notify the owning library.