Library notices—email, phone call, and paper

Overdue Notices Schedule - Updated 9/12/2021
  US Mail (sent by UMS) Phone Call3 Email4
Predue Notice None None 3 Days;  1 Day for DVDs
1st Overdue Notice None 4 Days 3 Days  
2nd Overdue Notice None None 15 Days
Bill for unreturned item 30 Days No call-US Mailed 30 Days
Second bill notice None None 37 Days-US Mailed
Bill referred to a
 Collection Agency and a fee ($10-$15) is charged to the user1
45 Days 45 Days 45 Days
1st Letter sent from Collection Agency 46 Days 46 Days 46 Days
2nd Letter sent from Collection Agency 67 Days 67 Days 67 Days
1st Collection Agency phone call 81 Days 81 Days 81 Days
3rd Letter sent from the Collection Agency 109 Days 109 Days 109 Days
1These  libraries refer bills to a Collection Agency:   3These libraries have phone notices for overdues: 4Any user with an email address, regardless of Library, gets notified by email
Berlin   Berlin, Brandon  
Menasha   Endeavor   
Neenah   Menasha    
North Fond du Lac   Montello    
Oshkosh   Neenah  
Ripon   Oshkosh    

  WALS produces and sends out Email notices on the following schedule:

  • Pre-due notices are sent at 3 days before the item is due for 14, 21, 28-day or longer loans.
  • Pre-due notices are sent at 1 day before the item is due for 3 and 7-day loans.
  • Overdue notices are sent at 3 and 15 days after the due date.
  • Bill notices are sent at 30 days after the due date.
  • Optional email welcome notices for new-card holders are sent on Sundays to users that were registered the previous week.
  • Optional email pre-expired-card notices are sent to users with records that expire in nine weeks.

        Any users with an email address in their record get email notices.   

Phone call notices via UMS for overdues and/or holds

  • Automated phone messages for overdues are made at 10 days after the due date.
  • Phone call notices are made for these libraries:   BERLIN, BRANDON, ENDEAVOR, MENASHA, MONTELLO, NEENAH, OSHKOSH, OXFORD, REDGRANITE, RIPON (overdues only), WESTFIELD.

The messages say:


Hello!  This is the <<pickup branch>> calling with a message for <patron name>.  An item is being held for you for pickup at the <<pickup library>>.  It will be held until closing on <<pickup date>>.  If you would prefer library notices by email, contact the <<library name>>.  This message will now repeat. 


Hello!  This is an automated message from the <library name> calling for <patron name>.  An item, or items, are now overdue.  Please return your library material as soon as possible to minimize your fines.  You may also contact the library about renewals.  At thirty days overdue, you will be billed for the cost of the items.  If you would prefer library notices by email rather than by phone, contact your library.  This message will now repeat.

Phone call notices are NOT made for bills.

Paper notices (sent by UMS as of 1/15/2019):

  • Bill notices are mailed 30 days after the due date for patrons without email.
  • A bill notice is mailed at 37 days for users with email.  (This started October 15, 2012)