Circulation desk—expectations of staff

There are certain basic circulation tasks that every library circulation desk worker needs to be able to do proficiently if he/she is ever working alone at the desk. 

These tasks include:
  • Logging on to the PC
  • Logging into WorkFlows
  • Looking up a patron by name or address
  • Checking out items
  • Renewing items
  • Displaying the user’s fines
  • Paying fines
  • Handling an expired card
  • Discharging  
  • Discharging from the bookdrop
If WALS, via the Oshkosh circulation department, is training library staff, these are the things staff will be trained to do.   Normally, Oshkosh only trains directors or heads of circulation departments.  These people are expected to train their own staff.
If WALS gets support-call circulation questions, we expect that the desk worker knows how to do these tasks.