Missing contents

Procedure—Handling Missing-Content Items

The library where the missing-content item is returned is responsible for handling that item, regardless of the owner of the item.

Procedures vary at Winnefox libraries as to whether the missing-content item remains on the borrower record or is discharged and then charged to a missing-content user.

The key issue is that the library where the item was returned is to make a good-faith effort to get the missing part back from the borrower. The part that was returned should remain at the library while the patron is being contacted.  

There is a MISSING CONTENT user record for Oshkosh, Menasha, and Neenah. Those libraries check items out to their MC user rather than leaving the item on the user’s record.

The User Does NOT Return the Missing Part

If the user does not return the missing part within 2-3 months, add a charge to patron record under Billing a User and put a note in the user’s record. The local library, not the owning library, charge-rate applies. In most cases, the user should be charged for the replacement cost of the item.

Within 6 months, make a withdraw/replace decision for your own items, and return items belonging to other libraries. Put a note on each item returned so they the library knows what has happened.