ILL checkouts and special due dates

The circulation software does not have a default loan period for interlibrary loan material.  When ILL items are being checked out, the staff person needs to use the Special Due Date helper for that transaction.  The due date should match the paperwork that came with the ILL item.

There are 3 options:

  • Use special due date from now on
  • For this user only  (This is the one staff should be using)
  • For this checkout only

If you Use special due date from now on, you will be giving the date you entered for that patron‘s item to not only that patron but to every single user after that!  The program returns to the normal due dates only if you close out of checkout and go to a different function like Borrower Display or Discharge. 

If you select For this user only, all of the books that you check out to this customer will have the date you set—ILL as well as everything else. But when you leave that user, the next user will get regular dates.

If you For this checkout only, the selected date will be applied only to the first book scanned. The system reverts to regular checkout dates for that same person without you having to do anything.