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August 10, 2022 -- Karla Smith

There are a few reports that still run in WorkFlows and there are many reports that run in BLUEcloud Analytics (BC Analytics). Some run automatically, some need to be scheduled to run by each library, and some are run "as needed." 

Here are some documents to help clarify which reports run where, and which ones you need to make sure are being run for your library:

The following reports still run in WorkFlows:

  • Clean Holds Report -- runs daily M-F. Libraries should login as REPORTS, print off the report, and look for those items on your hold shelf that have been cancelled or have expired. More details here.
  • Cash Management Reports -- runs daily or weekly depending on your library. This report is used to track payment of fines, bills, and library sales.  
  • Onshelf Hold List -- runs daily M-F.  Most libraries use the dynamically updated Onshelf Items Wizard in WorkFlows instead of the morning report, however, the report does run for each library and is found in Finished Reports when logged in as REPORTS.