Basic terminology
WALS—Winnefox Automated Library Services
WALS is the name for the Winnefox service for the shared automation system. WALS also includes the telecommunication network, Internet access, and PC support.
SirsiDynix is the name of the company that supplies the software for the shared automation system. It is headquartered in Lehi, Utah.
Symphony is the name of the software for the shared automation system. It runs on servers housed at the Oshkosh Public Library. The current version of the software is 4.0. An earlier version of the software was called Unicorn. 
That is the name of the client software installed on library PCs. The client software is used to access Symphony.
These are WALS versions of Symphony and WorkFlow terms:
A command only performs one task.  Wizards frequently trigger or provide access to several Commands.
Datawell/Search Box
This is the text box for typing in search terms, or filling in data.
A gadget is a button next to a text box that provides options you can use in that box. When you click the gadget, a window appears giving a pre-defined list of values. Always use the gadget to fill in the box if one is available.
This term refers to any word in WorkFlows with a dashed underline. When you click on the word, a pop-up window provides additional information. 
A helper is a “wizard within a wizard.” Helpers are little icons positioned in a menu bar just below the active window’s title bar.  If present, they appear in the upper left hand corner of the active window.
This is the search-results list that displays after entering a search.

These are accessed by the buttons across the top of the screen. For example: 1Users, 2Holds, 3Special, 4Reports, Barcoding, etc. Toolbars contain Wizards. 
Wizards display on the toolbar and perform a series of discrete tasks.