Item home locations as shown in the catalog

The list below is sorted by how that location usually displays in the online catalog.  However, for some of the locations, special programming is used to control the display.  This is done especially for items that are local hold.

The ones with the strike through are not available as a selection option when an item is barcoded.  Some are for materials no longer being added to library collections, such as cassettes, and other are for locations used by the system, such as LOST-ASSUM.  Most of the ones that are not available for use start with Z.

Name  Description in the Catalog
AUDIOBOOK Adult Audio Book
BIOGRAPHY Adult Biography
BOOKCLUB Adult Book Club
CD-BOOK Adult Book on CD
CD-BOOKFIC Adult Book on CD--Fiction
CD-BOOKMYS Adult Book on CD--Mystery
CD-BOOKNF Adult Book on CD--Nonfiction
CD-BOOKSF Adult Book on CD--Science Fiction
CD-BOOKWST Adult Book on CD--Western
CASS-BOOK Adult Book on Tape
CASS-BKNF Adult Book on Tape--Nonfiction
CASSETTE Adult Cassette
CD Adult CD
CHRISTNFIC Adult Christian/Inspirational Fiction
CLASSIC Adult Classic
CONSERV Adult Conservation
CONSUMER Adult Consumer Information
CRAFT Adult Craft
DISPLAY Adult Display
DISPLAY2 Adult Display Second Floor
DISPLAYNF Adult Display--Nonfiction
DVD-BLURAY Adult DVD--Blu-ray
DVD-FEATUR Adult DVD--Feature
DVD-NF Adult DVD--Nonfiction
DVD-TV Adult DVD--TV Shows
FICTION-BK Adult Fiction
FANTASY Adult Fiction--Fantasy
MYS-DETECT Adult Fiction--Mystery/Detective
ROMANCE Adult Fiction--Romance
SCIFI Adult Fiction--Science Fiction
SCIFI-FANT Adult Fiction--Science Fiction/Fantasy
WESTERN Adult Fiction--Western
FOREIGN Adult Foreign Language
GENEALOGY Adult Genealogy
GEN-GERMAN Adult German Genealogy
GRAPHIC Adult Graphic Novel
INFO-DESK Adult Information Desk
KIT Adult Kit
LGPRINT Adult Large Print/Type
LGPRT-BIO Adult Large Print/Type--Biography
LGPRT-FIC Adult Large Print/Type--Fiction
LGPRT-MAG Adult Large Print/Type--Magazine
LGPRT-MYS Adult Large Print/Type--Mys/Detective
LGPRT-NF Adult Large Print/Type--Nonfiction
LGPRT-ROM Adult Large Print/Type--Romance
LGPRT-SFI Adult Large Print/Type--Science Fiction
LGPRT-WEST Adult Large Print/Type--Western
LOCALHIST Adult Local History
LOCALHISTC Adult Local History--Circulating Collection
LUCKY-CD Adult Lucky Day CD--No holds
LUCKY-DVD Adult Lucky Day DVD--No Holds
LUCKY-DAY Adult Lucky Day--No holds
MAGAZINE Adult Magazine
MICROFORM Adult Microfilm
CD-XMAS Adult Music CD--Christmas
CD-CLASS Adult Music CD--Classical
CD-JAZZ Adult Music CD--Jazz
CD-MUSICAL Adult Music CD--Musical
CD-POP Adult Music CD--Pop
NEW-BIO Adult New Biography
NEW-CDBK Adult New Book on CD
NEW-CD Adult New CD
NEW-CHRIST Adult New Christian/Inspirational Fiction
NEW-FANTSY Adult New Fantasy Fiction
NEW-FIC Adult New Fiction
LGPRT-NEW Adult New Large Print/Type
NEW-MYST Adult New Mystery/Detective
NEW-NONFIC Adult New Nonfiction
NEW-OVRSIZ Adult New Oversize
NEW-PB Adult New Paperback
NEW-ROM Adult New Romance
NEW-SCIFI Adult New Science Fiction
NEW-SUSP Adult New Suspense Fiction
NEW-WEST Adult New Western Fiction
NONFICTION Adult Nonfiction
OVERSIZE Adult Oversize
PAMPHLET Adult Pamphlet
PB Adult Paperback
PB-MYST Adult Paperback--Mystery/Detective
PB-ROM Adult Paperback--Romance
PB-SCIFI Adult Paperback--Science Fiction
PB-WEST Adult Paperback--Western
PLAYAWAY Adult Playaway Unit
LOCK-CASE Adult Reference--Locked Case, Ask for Help
SPANISH Adult Spanish
SPAN-FIC Adult Spanish Fiction
SPAN-CDBK Adult Spanish Language Book on CD
SPAN-CASS Adult Spanish Language Cassette
SPAN-CD Adult Spanish Language CD
SPAN-DVD Adult Spanish Language DVD
SPAN-MAG Adult Spanish Language Magazine
SPAN-PLWAY Adult Spanish Language Playaway Unit
SPAN-VID Adult Spanish Language Video
SPAN-NF Adult Spanish Nonfiction
SPECIAL Adult Special Collection
SUSPENSE Adult Suspense Fiction
VIDEO Adult Video
GAME Adult Video Game--Local Hold
VID-FEATUR Adult Video--Feature
VID-HIST Adult Video--History
VID-HOW Adult Video--How To
VID-INFO Adult Video--Info
VID-NF Adult Video--Nonfiction
VID-VINT Adult Video--Vintage/Classic
VID-WEST Adult Video--Western
WISCONSIN Adult Wisconsin
GEN-WIS Adult Wisconsin Genealogy
LOST-ASSUM Assumed Lost
BASEMT-REF Basement Reference
BASEMT-WIS Basement Wisconsin
CATALOGING Being Cataloged
ILL Checked Out
J1-2-3 Children's 1-2-3
JABC Children's ABC
JARTHUR Children's Arthur Book
JAWARDBK Children's Award Book
JBEREN Children's Berenstain
JBIG-BOOK Children's Big Book for Storytimes
JBIN Children's Bin
JBIO Children's Biography
JBOARD-BK Children's Board Book--No Holds
JBOOKCLUB Children's Book Club
JCASS-BK Children's Book on Cassette
JCD-BOOK Children's Book on CD
JCALDECOTT Children's Caldecott Award Book
JCARTOONS Children's Cartoons
JCASSETTE Children's Cassette
JSPAN-CASS Children's Cassette in Spanish
JCASS-N-BK Children's Cassette with Book
JCD Children's CD
JSPAN-CD Children's CD in Spanish
JCD-N-BK Children's CD with Book
JCD-ROM Children's CD-ROMS
JCD-SONGS Children's CD--Songs
JCLIFFORD Children's Clifford the Big Red Dog
JCOLORS Children's Colors
JCOMIC Children's Comic Book
JCURIOUS Children's Curious George
JDISNEY Children's Disney
JDISPLAY Children's Display
JSEUSS Children's Dr Seuss
JDVD Children's DVD
JSPAN-DVD Children's DVD in Spanish
JDVD-TV-A Children's DVD Series--All Ages
JDVD-TV-P Children's DVD Series--Preschool
JDVD-ALL Children's DVD--All Ages
JDVD-BLU-R Children's DVD--Blu-Ray
JDVD-NONF Children's DVD--Nonfiction
JDVD-PRE Children's DVD--Preschool
JEASIEST Children's Easiest
JEASIESTPB Children's Easiest Paperback
JCHAPTERBK Children's Easy Chapter Book
JEASY-PB Children's Easy Paperback
JEASY-READ Children's Easy to Read
JEASY-1 Children's Easy-to-Read Level 1
JEASY-2 Children's Easy-to-Read Level 2
JEASY-3 Children's Easy-to-Read Level 3
JEASY-4 Children's Easy-to-Read Level 4
JEASY-NF Children's Easy-to-Read Nonfiction
JFAIRYTALE Children's Fairy Tales
JFAVORITE Children's Favorite Characters
JFICTION Children's Fiction
JSPAN-FIC Children's Fiction in Spanish
JFOREIGN Children's Foreign Language
JGOLDIE Children's Golden Oldie
JGRAPHIC Children's Graphic Novel
JHMONG Children's Hmong
JHOLIDAY Children's Holiday
H-4JULY Children's Holiday--4th of July
H-APRFOOL Children's Holiday--April Fool's Day
H-ARBOR Children's Holiday--Arbor Day
H-CHIN-NY Children's Holiday--Chinese New Year
H-CHRISTMA Children's Holiday--Christmas
H-CINCO-DE Children's Holiday--Cinco de Mayo
H-COLOMBUS Childern's Holiday--Columbus Day
H-DAYODEAD Children's Holiday--Day of the Dead
H-EARTH Children's Holiday--Earth Day
H-EASTER Children's Holiday--Easter
H-FATHERS Children's Holiday--Father's Day
H-FLAG Children's Holiday--Flag Day
H-GRNDHOG Children's Holiday--Groundhog Day
H-HALLOWEE Children's Holiday--Halloween
H-HANUKAH Children's Holiday--Hanukkah
H-HINDU Children's Holiday--Hindu Festivals
H-JEWISH Children's Holiday--Jewish Holidays
H-JUNETEEN Children's Holiday--Juneteenth
H-KWANZAA Children's Holiday--Kwanzaa
H-LABORDAY Children's Holiday--Labor Day
H-MARDIGRA Children's Holiday--Mardi Gras
H-MARTINLK Children's Holiday--Martin Luther King Day
H-MEMORIAL Children's Holiday--Memorial Day
H-MOTHERS Children's Holiday--Mother's Day
H-RAMADAN Children's Holiday--Muslim Festivals
H-NEWYEAR Children's Holiday--New Year's Day
H-PRESIDEN Children's Holiday--President's Day
H-STPAT Children's Holiday--St. Patrick's Day
H-THANKSGV Children's Holiday--Thanksgiving
H-VALENTIN Children's Holiday--Valentine's Day
H-VETERAN Children's Holiday--Veteran's Day
JFIC-ILLUS Children's Illustrated Fiction
JFRENCH Children's in French
JGERMAN Children's in German
JSPANISH Children's in Spanish
JJAPANESE Children's Japanese
JKIT Children's Kit
JLGPRT Children's Large Print/Type
JLITTLEASY Children's Little/Small Easy To Read
JLITTLEPIC Children's Little/Small picture
JLUCKYDVD Children's Lucky Day DVD--No Holds
JLUCKYDAY Children's Lucky Day--No Holds
JMAGAZINE Children's Magazine
JMAGICBUS Children's Magic School Bus Collection
JMULTI Children's Multilingual
JNEW-AV Children's New AV
JNEW-BOOK Children's New Book
JNEW-CD-BK Children's New Book on CD
JNEW-CDNBK Children's New CD with Book
JNEW-CD Children's New Compact Disc
JNEW-DVD Children's New DVD
JNEWEASYNF Children's New Easy Nonfiction
JNEW-EASY Children's New Easy to Read
JNEW-FIC Children's New Fiction
JNEW-NF Children's New Nonfiction
JNEW-PICT Children's New Picture Book
JNEWBERY Children's Newbery Award Book
JNONFIC Children's Nonfiction
JSPAN-NONF Children's Non-fiction in Spanish
JNURSERY Children's Nursery Rhyme
JOPPOS Children's Opposites
JOVERSIZE Children's Oversized Book
JPB Children's Paperback
JPB-SERIES Children's Paperback Series
JPHONICS Children's Phonics
JPICTURE Children's Picture Book
JPLAYAWAY Children's Playaway Unit
JPUPPET Children's Puppet
JPUZZLE Children's Puzzle
JREFERENCE Children's Reference
JSEEKFIND Children's Seek and Find
JSESAME Children's Sesame Street
JSHAPES Children's Shapes
JSPAN-RDLG Children's Spanish Readalong
JSPECIAL Children's Special
JSTORYTIME Children's Storytime Material, Staff Use Only
JTOY Children's Toy
JTOY-BK Children's Toy Book
JVEHICLES Children's Vehicles
JVIDEO Children's Video
JSPAN-VID Children's Video in Spanish
JVID-ALL Children's Video--All Ages
JVID-DIS Children's Video--Disney
JVID-ELEM Children's Video--Elementary
JVID-PRE Children's Video--Preschool
JVIETNAM Children's Vietnamese
LOST-CLAIM Claims Lost
COUGHLIN Coughlin Room
MAGAZINE-C Current Magazine Issue--Does not Circulate
REPAIR Damaged
E-READER Electronic Book Device--Local Hold
EQUIPMENT Equipment--Ask for Help
FC Family Resource Center
FC-AUTISM Family Resource Center--Autism Disorders
FC-SCHOOL Family Resource Center--Home Schooling
FC-POTTY Family Resource Center--Toilet/Potty Training
GREEN Green Living Featured Collection
HOLDTRANSIT Hold item going to another library
JGAME Juvenile Games
LITERACY Literacy/Adult Easy to Read
MAKER Makerspace
MITCHELL Mitchell Collection
MONEY Money Smart
NEW-YA New Young Adult/Teen
NEW-YAAUBK New Young Adult/Teen Audio Book
NEW-YAPB New Young Adult/Teen Paperback
HOLDS On hold
BOOKBIKE On Library BookBike
PARENT-TCH Parent/Teacher
REF-DESK Reference Desk--Ask for Help
REF-OFFICE Reference Office, Staff Use Only
REF-ATLAS Reference--Atlas
REF-AUTO Reference--Auto-Repair
REF-BUS Reference--Business
REF-CENSUS Reference--Census
REF-CONSUM Reference--Consumer Information
REF-EDUC Reference--Education
REF-INDEX Reference--Index
REF-MED Reference--Medicine
REF-OSHPAM Reference--Oshkosh Pamphlet
PHONE-BK Reference--Telephone book
REF-TRAV Reference--Travel
REF-WIS Reference--Wisconsin
REF-WISLAW Reference--Wisconsin Law
STAFF Staff Collection
STAFF-DAYC Staff Collection for Daycare Centers, Storytimes--No Holds
STAFF-READ Staff Collection for Reading Clubs--No Holds
STORAGE Storage--Ask for Help
JTWEEN Tweens--between Children's and Teens
WEDDING Wedding Featured Collection
YA-BOOK Young Adult/Teen
YA-AUDBK Young Adult/Teen Audio Book
DISPLAY-YA Young Adult/Teen Display
YA-PLAYAWY Young Adult/Teen Playaway Unit
YA-CASS Young Adult/Teen--Book on Cassette
YA-CD-BOOK Young Adult/Teen--Book on CD
YA-CD Young Adult/Teen--CD
YA-CDROM Young Adult/Teen--CD-ROM
YA-COMIC Young Adult/Teen--Comic Book
YA-DVD Young Adult/Teen--DVD
YA-DVD-BLU Young Adult/Teen--DVD Blu Ray
YA-BOOKFIC Young Adult/Teen--Fiction
YA-GRAPHIC Young Adult/Teen--Graphic Novel
YA-LUCKY Young Adult/Teen--Lucky Day
YA-MAG Young Adult/Teen--Magazine
YA-MANGA Young Adult/Teen--Manga
YA-BOOKNF Young Adult/Teen--Nonfiction
YA-PB Young Adult/Teen--Paperback
YA-REF Young Adult/Teen--Reference
YA-SPANFIC Young Adult/Teen--Spanish Fiction
YA-SPAN-NF Young Adult/Teen--Spanish Nonfiction
HIST-FIC Z Adult Historical Fiction
HMONG Z Adult Hmong
HMONG-AV Z Adult Hmong AV
CASS-MUSIC Z Adult Music Cassette
AUDIO Z Adult Recording
BINDERY Z At Bindery
AVAIL_SOON Z Available soon
BASEMT-VID Z Basement Video
INPROCESS Z Being processed
INSHIPPING Z Being shipped to destination
JCLASSIC Z Children's Classics
JCONCEPT Z Children's Concept Book
JDVD-DIS Z Children's DVD--Disney
JDVD-ELEM Z Children's DVD--Elementary
JJOKES Z Children's Joke
JMOTHGOOSE Z Children's Mother Goose
JMYSTERY Z Children's Mystery
JNEW-CASBK Z Children's New Book on Cassette
JNEW-CASS Z Children's New Cassette
JNEWCASNBK Z Children's New Cassette with Book
JNEW-CDROM Z Children's New CD-ROM
JNEW-VID Z Children's New Video
JAUDIO Z Children's Recording
JEASY-RIG Z Children's Rigby Series
JSEEK&FIND Z Children's Seek and Find
COMMINFO Z Community Information Database Record
E-AUDIOBK Z Downloadable Audio Book
E-BOOK Z Downloadable Electronic Book
E-VIDEO Z Downloadable video
DISCARD Z Withdrawn
DISCARD2 Z-Withdrawn--Shadowed
NEW-AUDBK Z-Adult New Audio Book
NEW-AV Z-Adult New AV
NEW-CASSBK Z-Adult New Book on Tape
NEW-CASS Z-Adult New Cassette
NEW-GRAPH Z-Adult New Graphical Novel
NEW-HIST Z-Adult New Historical Fiction
NEW-CASSNF Z-Adult New Nonfiction Cassette
NEW-VIDEO Z-Adult New Video
SHORTSTORY Z-Adult Short Story
VID-WLDLF Z-Adult Video--Musical
VID-SPORTS Z-Adult Video--Sports
VID-TRAVEL Z-Adult Video--Travel
RESHELVING Z-Being shelved
LONGOVRDUE Z-Checked Out--Overdue
JSPAN-KIT Z-Children's Kit in Spanish
JVID-OVER Z-Children's Oversized Video
E-MUSIC Z-Downloadable Music
MP-NONFIC Z-Moraine Park Adult Non-fiction--No Holds
MP-SPANBK Z-Moraine Park Adult Spanish Book--No Holds
MP-JAV Z-Moraine Park Children's AV--No Holds
MP-JFIC Z-Moraine Park Children's Fiction--No Holds
MP-JNONFIC Z-Moraine Park Children's Non-fiction--No Holds
MP-JSPANAV Z-Moraine Park Children's Spanish AV--No Holds
MP-JSPANBK Z-Moraine Park Children's Spanish Book--No Holds
OPPORTNITY Z-Opportunity Center
READLOUNGE Z-Reading Lounge
REF-HOMEWK Z-Reference--Homework
REF-JOBS Z-Reference-Jobs
REF-LIT Z-Reference--Literature
REF-PAMPH Z-Reference--Pamphlet File
REF-WISPAM Z-Reference--Wisconsin Pamphlet File
RESERVES Z-Reserve desk
SEEFELD Z-Seefeld Collection
TEACHER Z-Teacher Collection
UI-LOST Z-Unreturned Item
YA-HI-LO Z-Young Adult/Teen--Easy
YA-CASSNF Z-Young Adult/Teen--Nonfiction Cassette
YA-VIDEO Z-Young Adult/Teen--Video