Original cataloging at Oshkosh

Libraries put in short records when there is no matching record in the database. Oshkosh runs reports to list those short records and then search for a complete record on OCLC to overlay the short record with a full one.

Sometimes a full record does not get entered into OCLC, and then Oshkosh does original cataloging for OCLC.

The process Oshkosh uses is to place a hold on a small number of items at a time so that the library can continue to circulate them until Oshkosh is ready to work on them.    Oshkosh needs about a week to do the cataloging.

  • If libraries see local hold items being transited to OS-Stephanie, that means they are being sent for cataloging. If the library doesn’t want that item to be cataloged at that time, it should email Stephanie Thomas (SThomas@oshkoshpubliclibrary.org) to have the hold removed.
  • If libraries have things with no short records in the database,  talk to Stephanie Thomas about getting them cataloged.
  • If libraries notice short records that have been in the database for more than three months, let Stephanie Thomas know and they will get worked on. Sometimes items do not show up the short-record lists that Oshkosh uses to track short records.