Barcoding-When the title is NOT in the database

If a library needs to add an item, and a title record is not already in the database, they need to enter a Short Title Record. Instructions for how to do so can be found here: Creating Short Title Records.

If libraries feel comfortable doing so, there are additional fields that can be entered in the short record, found in this document: Advanced Title Record Creation.

If libraries have multiple titles to add of the same type (ex: a stack of DVDs), properties can be set to streamline the adding of copies; instructions for setting properties can be found in this document: Setting Properties.

Libraries should note that as they add a short record, most of these records are completely overlaid by a fully cataloged record by OS-TECH. The information entered in a short record, therefore, will first help OS-TECH locate the correct record to overlay, and help patrons in locating the item before it has a full record. For this reason, Winnefox does not recommend libraries enter Subject Headings for short records; any that are entered will be removed when the short record is overlaid, and as Subject Headings require a specific format to be searchable in the catalog, adding them might not be any more useful to patrons. If a library does desire Subject Headings on a particular record, they are encouraged to fill out the Database Change Request form for them.

If additional help is needed, contact Stephanie Thomas at the Oshkosh Public Library.  WCTS members may also contact Cindy Wallace at WCTS.