Deceased users-database records

Procedure—Records for Deceased Patrons

The database records for deceased patrons are not to be removed from the database. They should be edited.

If the library chooses to edit the record using Modify User:

  • Add the word DECEASED and a space before the last name of the user.
    Example: DECEASED, DOE, JOHN M
  • Change the User Profile to REMOVE.   Do not use DISCARD.
  • In the address, change the zip code to ????? and remove the email address. This will prevent notices from being sent.
  • On the extended Info Tab, enter a note to indicate which library made the change and the date of the change:
    Example: OPL-Deceased. Do not use. --osh, becky s, 6/24/2004

Be sure to save the changes after making the edits.

Periodically, reports are run to remove older, unused records from the database, including the ones for deceased patrons.