Style rules for entering patron records

The basics:

  • Enter the patron record in ALL CAPS.
  • The name must be entered in the Last, First and Middle name fields.
  • DO NOT use the Preferred name field—it files incorrectly.
  • Use the Name as it appears on the person's identification—do not use nicknames.
    The occasional exception might be if using the real first name would cause major confusion when searching for the user by name. You can also put clarifying information in the extended notes field.
  • Use a hyphen for double last names so they file correctly in the displays (Example:  GILDERSON-DUWE)
  • Do not use MR, MRS, MS or DR anywhere.
  • JR and SR, etc, goes in the SUFFIX field.  Do not use a period.
  • Do not use a period after the middle initial.
  • Do not put EML in any field except the phone number, after the phone number.
    Using EML to indicate the user has an email address is optional.
  • Spell out STREET, AVENUE, ROAD, etc.  IN ALL CAPS.
  • Use PO BOX (not P. O. Box, etc.) IN ALL CAPS
  • Use # for apartment numbers
  • Do not put a comma between CITY STATE
  • Use the PHONE field of Address 1 for a phone number. If a patron recieves phone notifications, they will only be notified at the phone number in the PHONE field of Address 1.
    Preferably, the patron should only give one phone number, but if a patron has volunteered a second phone number, and understands that they will not recieve notifications at this secondary number, the second number can be entered into the PHONE field of Address 2. 
  • To avoid creating duplicate records, do not put spaces in names like VAN DE CAMP—enter the name as VANDECAMP. Omit the punctuation in names.
    Other examples:
    D’amato                        DAMATO
    Le Guin                         LEGUIN
    O’Malley                       OMALLEY
    O’Rourke                      OROURKE
  • ALWAYS fill in the User category 1, 2 and 3 fields.

It is very important that UserCat1 field be entered accurately.  Library funding formulas use this field.

If the address is from one of the other counties within Winnefox, contact a library from that county.

These people have agreed to help with coding for areas adjacent to Winnefox counties:
Adams County            Sandy Zuelhke (Coloma)
Calumet County          Julie Wing (Menasha)
Columbia County        Lucy Hazlewood (Markesan) or Sara Wilson (Kingston)
Dodge County            Jenny Wittlinger (Fond du Lac)
Outagamie County      Julie Wing (Menasha)
Portage County           Linda Helmrick (Plainfield)
Sheboygan County     Jenny Wittlinger (Fond du Lac)
Waupaca County        Linda Steffen (Wild Rose)
Washington County    Jenny Wittlinger (Fond du Lac)
The code for other Wisconsin is:  X-OTHER-WI

The code for Out of State is:  X-OUTOFSTATE

The complete list of codes is listed under Patron Records.

If you need further help, contact Becky Srubas at Oshkosh Public.

User Profiles
Checkouts and renewals to these profiles are used in the circulation statistical reports:

User Notes

Anytime you enter a note on a user record, sign the note using the format "LibraryCode, FirstName LastInitial Date".

Library code is the two-letter abbreviation commonly used to indicate library, especially in reports (ie, BE=Berlin, KI=Kingston, PI=Pine River, WN=Winneconne). 

A note example: "Verify email. OS Melissa K 4/25/2018".