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Monday 'Minder 2022.1


Today’s Topic: Jargon Bells!! & Reminder to send me ideas for Monday 'Minders!

This week's 'Minder is mostly a reminder to send me any ideas/topics/questions that you would like to see covered in a Monday 'Minder.  But, I will include a bit of de-jargonification, and an Excel tip, just for the fun of it....

Monday 'Minder 2021.25


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Today’s Topic: Scan Barcode LAST when adding items!...

Once again there has been a spate of incidents with libraries overwriting another library's item when adding their copy.   Put up post-its, tie ribbons on your scanner, or repeat a mantra everytime you start to barcode anything.  Find some way to slow yourself down and be more careful!


Monday 'Minder 2021.24


Today’s Topic: EStuff Only, or, No Estuff nohow!...How to clean your Windows!

Continuing from where we left off last week...Some limiting can be done even without using the facets.  Did you know you can tell the catalog up front whether to search ematerials or not?...Read more...

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