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Monday 'Minder 2023.05


Today's Topic comes from Melissa Klein:  What's are bounced emails, and what do I do about them??

There are several kinds of email that get sent automatically by some part of our ILS system to various library staff.  These are messages that usually require some action on your part. You may see an email come into your inbox with the subject heading “Favorite Author Club Failed Holds,” "Library Overdue Notice", "Library Courtesy Notice", or "Library Hold Available." Or you might receive emails from "Distribution Services" or "Library Notice." What to do with these system-generated emails depends on what generated them, but usually you will need to do something.....     Read More...

Monday 'Minder 2023.04


Today's Topic:  Symphony Upgrade, ALL-WALS, & Canva, oh my! 

Remember we will be doing a software upgrade on Tuesday (tomorrow) night Feb 21st.  You will have to update WorkFlows on Wednesdays. See details below.  Also, there will be an ALL-WALS meeting on March 21st, 2023 at Ripon Public Library, and we will be piggy-backing Canva training in the afternoon.    Read More...

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