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NewspaperARCHIVE no longer available

The BadgerLink Team announced this morning that NewspaperARCHIVE, one of our most used resources by Winnefox patrons, is no longer available. This resource had been a part of the BadgerLink contracts that ran through 6/30/2018, and was not awarded for renewal during their recent request for bid process. They are currently working on finalizing contracts for a replacement resource.

Note Signoff

Hi guys,

Remember that to help keep track of who added what note to a patron's account, sign the note using the format "LibraryCode, FirstName LastInitial Date".

Library code is the two-letter abbreviation commonly used to indicate library, especially in reports (ie, BE=Berlin, KI=Kingston, PI=Pine River, WN=Winneconne). 

The first name and last initial, combined with the library, helps narrow down who created the note, in case there are questions as to if the note still should apply, or who to contact for more details.

Snipping Tool Tip

Anytime you see an error message, we recommend you take a screenshot to show us, so that we can see the exact error and the context. 

An easy way to take a screenshot is to use the Snipping Tool that comes as part of Windows. We've talked about the Snipping tool before, showing how it can take a screenshot of part of a screen or an entire window, and offers pens to circle relevant parts of the screenshot

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