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Monday 'Minder 2022.09


Today’s Topic: Materials Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time, or, No you can't add that book/DVD yet!

Excel tip: AutoSum

Remember to look closely at the packing slips of books/DVDs/AudioBooks that you purchase before you make your items available to patrons!! Frequently, there is an "On Sale date" or "Street Sale date" and it is illegal to release those items to the public before that date. Read More...

Monday 'Minder 2022.08


Today’s Topic: It's a Meta 'Minder!

How many times have you wanted to revisit, refresh, remind yourself of things you learned in a previous Monday 'Minder? I'm sure it happens hundreds of times a day. Well, don't worry--they're all waiting for you right here on the Extranet!  And, like so many other vital documents, they are accessible in multiple ways...Read on.

Monday 'Minder 2022.07


Today’s Topic: Patron Preferences in Enterprise
Excel/Office Tip: DIY Ribbon tab

If you looked closely at one of the images in last week's post about Enterprise Lists, you would have seen a checkbox labeled "Make this your default list." Did you know that there are other defaults and preferences you can set in the catalog?  Read on....

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