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Monday 'Minder 2023.03


Today's Topic:  Let's play "Find that Patron!!" 

At an ALL-WALS meeting last year it was decided that all WALS libraries would enter patron names "as written" (except in ALL-CAPS) on their ID or application form.  This means that VanderZanden gets entered as "VANDERZANDEN" and "Van der Zanden" gets entered  as "VAN DER ZANDEN."  Reminder: you need to be more diligent when searching for duplicate users because last names won't sort together anymore.  Read More...

Monday 'Minder 2023.02


Topic: Remember that UCat1! 

As usual, the Annual Report (AR) statistics run at year's end expose a host of errors in our data--especially patron data. Did you know that a circ to someone with a wrong Ucat1 today will still count as a circ to that bad Ucat1 in next year's AR--even if you fix the patron record tomorrow?  Read More...

Monday 'Minder 2023.01


Topic: Circulating Circulation Sets 

Excel Tip: Keyboard shortcuts for navigation

Today's Monday 'Minder comes from Neenah Public Library. They have setup binge boxes which circulate freely across the system and may soon turn up in your Red Delivery Boxes. Here is a cheat sheet of how to check them in and out.  Read More...

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