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Today's Topic:  Symphony Upgrade, ALL-WALS, & Canva, oh my! 

Remember we will be doing a software upgrade on Tuesday (tomorrow) night Feb 21st.  You will have to update WorkFlows on Wednesdays. See details below.  Also, there will be an ALL-WALS meeting on March 21st, 2023 at Ripon Public Library, and we will be piggy-backing Canva training in the afternoon.    Read More...



Please, please, please, check that everyone in your library logs off of WorkFlows after work on Tuesday, Feb 21 (tomorrow).

It really helps Melissa and I know that everyone is done and that it is safe to shut down the system and begin the upgrade.    There aren't any major changes in the software that you will notice. There are a few technical updates that you won't notice but will appreciate. For example, you shouldn't get the "response truncated" error as often, and popup windows should resize (and stay resized) better than they used to. 

Wednesday morning:

Give yourself extra time for the morning opening routine. 

  1.  Do NOT log into WF as usual. Instead...
  2. Right-click on the WF icon and choose "Run as Administrator."
  3. When Windows prompts, asking if you want to allow this program to make changes to the computer, click “Yes”:

  4. You can now login as usual.

  5.  Follow the onscreen prompts. For more details & screenshots go to "Updating Workflows" on the Extranet.

  6. Once you've logged in, go to Help --> About and make sure the version number is correct. It should have a 2022 date and a version number starting with 4.0.

That's it! Easy-peasy!


ALL-WALS will be Tuesday March 21st at Ripon Public Library downstairs in the Silver Creek Room, starting promptly at 9:00am (8:45, if you want time for coffee and conversation).  You can register and see more details here.

ALL-WALS will run from 9:00-12:30. Lunch will be provided. Canva training will start at about 1:30.  Remember to bring your laptop and Canva login credentials.

The registration form allows you to signup for only ALL-WALS, only Canva, or for both. There will be more registration reminders as the date approaches.

That's it for this week... Make today a nice day!! 

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