What's New in General

Office 365 is coming!

The upgrade of our email system to Office 365 is almost complete.  For end users, this means access to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint from any internet-capable computer anywhere.  The new system will save on infrastructure costs, and ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest security patches.  While we are transitioning, and afterwards as well, you will still be able to use the version of Microsoft Office that you have on your computer.  We will be contacting and coordinating with each library before they are moved to the new system.  

Featured Electronic Resources

Have you noticed the HeritageQuest Online "Featured Resource" block on your main Research Tools page?  This is something new I've implemented for 2015 in the hopes of increasing usage on your electronic resources.  Each month, sometime between mid-month and the end of the month, I'll be featuring a different electronic resource.  Feel free to borrow the graphic, text, links (please right-click the link and "copy link location" to preserve the link I've used - contact me with any questions) if you'd like to promote the resource on your homepage, your Facebook, etc.  Let's get the word out th

READ Poster Project update

We've now completed 8 READ posters.  Two more photo sessions are scheduled for the next week and I have sent letters to the final 6 legislators and will be setting up appointments in the next couple of weeks.  So far only one legislator has been reluctant and has asked to be put off until after the budget is finished.  The final photo, for the 20th Senate District, will have to wait a few months as that district is vacant until the spring elections.

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