The automation system software is set up to share copies on a "my users get my copy first" basis.  Libraries also have the option to set copies to a local-hold or no-hold Item Type.  The local hold copies won't fill holds outside the owning library.  The non-local hold copies will fill a hold at another library once there are no holds from the owning library's users.  The basic philosophy within Winnefox is that libraries will share as much of their material as possible.

Each library needs to purchase its own copy or copies of best sellers to meet local needs. These copies may to be set Local Hold for a limited time to reduce the time the item spends in transit and number of items in the delivery system.

The libraries have agreed that collections of new types of material are appropriate for local holds until the collection grows large enough to be shared.

The libraries have agreed that the newest titles can be set to local hold to provide new material for browsing users.

Local-hold lists run on the 22nd of each month for libraries to review. The library needs to change the Item Type to take the item off local hold.

The Onshelf Hold Items report runs Monday through Friday.  That report, or the updated list created by the wizard in WorkFlows, is the list of items that are needed to fill holds. That report should be handled each day by the library. After the items are pulled from the shelves, the library needs to use the “Check Item Status” wizard to see what should be done with the items.  If an item can't be found after several days, it should be set to missing. 

A Clean-Holds report also runs Monday through Friday.  It creates a list of item on the library's hold shelf that have not been picked up by the user or that have been cancelled by the user.  These items need to be pulled from the hold shelf.  The library needs to check item status of the pulled items to see what needs to be done.  Some of the items will already be INTRANSIT.  Any item on the list that is not INTRANSIT should be scanned in check item status.

The Symphony software is also configured to prevent holds on some item locations.

Because of the complexity holds in a consortia using local holds, it is NOT possible to show where a person is in the hold queue.