Much Ado About Summer 2010 Summer Reading Program Workshop Handouts

Here are handouts from the December 8th SRP workshop:

1. Super Summer Splash Storytimes (Animals of Our Lakes, Rivers & Ponds; Camping Out & Canoe Fun; and Alligators & Crocodiles All Around) Image

Geri Ceci Cupery
   a. Ahoy, Me Hearties! A Pirate Story Time Image
   b. Who Lives in the Deep Blue Sea, Sea, Sea?
   c. At the Beach

2. Reader’s Theater
   No handout. Contact Geri with questions.

3. Underwater Ocean Fashion Show
   Karen's sample script and notes on how to hold a sea creatures fashion show using teens as announcers and program helpers and children as models. Image

4. Making Murals
   a. Mural directions Image

5. Art & Craft Ideas
   Karen's Ideas Image
Check out these great ideas from WLA Conference:
   a. Anne Horjus Creative Crafts Image
   b. Terry Ehle Awesome Decorating Ideas Image

6. Tangrams & Paperfolding
   No handout. Contact Geri if you have questions.

7. Games to Play in the Library
   a. Scrambled Words Image
   b. Weekly Hidden Picture Image
   c. Riddle & Joke BoardsImage
   d. Did You Know? Image
   e. Match/Concentration Game Image
   f. Ocean Treasure Hunt in the Library Image

8. Scrambled Words, Weekly Hidden Picture
   Karen's sample for Hidden Picture game Image
   Karen's sample for Word Scramble game Image

9. Family Fun Programs
   a. Karen's water game ideas
   b. Terry Ehle's water game ideas Image
   c. Geri's Hawaiian Luau Image
   d. Geri’s Pirate Treasure Hunt! Image
   e. Pirate Party
   f.  Water & Outdoor Games Image

10. Youth Volunteers
   a. Karen's junior volunteers handouts
   - junior volunteer contract & application Image
   - junior volunteer list form Image
   - junior volunteer poster Image
   - junior volunteer time sheet Image

   b. Geri's youth volunteers handout Image
   - volunteer orientation meeting Image
   - youth services volunteer log Image
   - youth services volunteering form Image

10. Splish Splash Highlights
   Geri's highlights from Summer Manuals 2010 & 1998 (coming on the weekend)
   Karen's highlights from the Summer Manual 2010 (coming on the weekend)

11. Handmade Paper
   a. handmade papermaking booklist Image
   b. handmade paper bowls suggestions Image
   c. handmade paper bowl logistics Image
   d. YouTube video