Delivery Best Practices

General guidelines

  • Do not overfill bins. Bins should be filled no more than 2/3 full.  
  • Materials may shift during transit; try to pack to prevent damage when the bins are on the move.  
  • Place a routing slip in the center of each item. (If they are placed just inside the front cover they can slip out or down into the book)
  • Do not rubber band large stacks together with one routing slip. Rubber bands often break when the books shift. Any items without a routing slip then need to be checked on the computer to ensure proper routing.

Routing Slips & Box Cards

  • Return your library's routing slips that are still in good condition to Winnefox for reuse.
  • Return excess delivery box cards to Winnefox.
  • Order more routing slips & delivery boxes cards at

Red Bins

  • If your library has enough room and sufficient volume, you may have 2, 3 or 4 bins:
    • Winnefox A-N & Winnefox O-Z - for items to be sorted.
    • Oshkosh - If you have many items going to them.
    • WCTS - Returning full rotating collections or sending many items for processing.
  • If you have less volume & will only fill a single mixed bin, use the Winnefox A-N delivery box card.
  • Items being sent to Winnefox-ILL (those with blue Winnefox routing slips & items for the statewide delivery) can be placed in either Winnefox A-N or O-Z bin.  
  • If you need additional bins, please ask your delivery driver.

Questions? Contact Michelle Rosenberg at or 920-236-5219 ext. 4818.