Resources from Growing Wisconsin Readers Early Literacy workshop

The Growing Wisconsin Readers Early Literacy workshop was held October 30, 2013 at the Appleton Public Library.

The Growing Wisconsin Readers initiative aims to support Wisconsin caregivers of young children with information about early literacy, so they can prepare children for learning at school and beyond. Rooted in public libraries, Growing Wisconsin Readers will help bridge early literacy experiences with public education. It will serve as a statewide model while simultaneously supporting local library efforts.

Growing Wisconsin Readers directly supports Read to Lead Task Force recommendations. Read to Lead is a comprehensive effort to make sure Wisconsin students have the most crucial skill they need to excel in life:  the ability to read.

Video recording

GWR resources:

PowerPoint slides:

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This workshop was sponsored by NFLS, OWLS, Winnefox, IMLS, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.