Supplies Order Form

Option 1:
Use the form below to order library supplies. Winnefox will invoice your library for the items you order.
  • Examples of supplied include rolls of tape, file folders, pencils, office supplies, etc.
  • Winnefox office staff can order supplies for any member library.
  • Some supplies are ordered in bulk, and then sold to libraries in smaller quantities.
  • Some items are directly ordered for libraries.
  • Some supplies are handled by resource library staff, and others are handled by WCTS staff.

Questions? Contact the Winnefox Library System office at or 920-236-5220.

Option 2:
WCTS has many commonly-needed supplies in stock, and is willing to order any other type of library supplies.  They are also willing to do competitive pricing to help a library find the best possible price.  WCTS wiil invoice your library for the items you order.  Here's a sample of some items they have on hand:
  • material barcodes (for Green Lake, Marquette & Waushara County libraries)
  • DVD cases (single, double, & multiple capacities)
  • Playaway supplies (replacement cases, replacement battery covers, ear buds)
  • subject classification labels (Mystery, Romance, Western, Science Fiction, YA, Easy Reading, Christmas, etc.)
  • ½” diameter hub labels for DVDs & CDs, available both blank (library prints their own) and customized with library name (printed on demand)

To place your order, or inquire about special purchases, contact Crystal Marschall at or 920-361-1916 voice, 920-361-3746 fax.

Option 3:
If you don't want to use this form or have questions, contact the Winnefox Library System office at or 920-236-5220.
Need computer equipment instead?  Contact Pete Hodge at or 920-236-5273.
Need routing slips?  Use the routing slips & delivery supplies order form instead.


Describe the supplies you need, the quantity you need, and any details you might have that will help us order them for you.
Waushara, Marquette & Green Lake County libraries --> CALL CRYSTAL 920-361-1916 to order your barcodes; Fond du Lac and Winnebago County libraries may use this form
Winnefox will invoice your library for items you order.
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