CD/DVD Reconditioning Service

WCTS offers a CD/DVD reconditioning service.

• 25¢ per disc for WCTS libraries
• 75¢ per disc for other Winnefox libraries

This service is for library-owned discs only; we do not recondition discs owned by members of the public.

Our goal is a turnaround time of about one week, not counting transit time; however if staff receive an especially large number of discs at one time, or are especially busy with other tasks, it may take longer.

WCTS does not guarantee the success of the reconditioning process. Some scratches may be too deep to be buffed out. We have found that discs that are unplayable on one player will work fine on another. Even a reconditioned disc may not play on a particularly sensitive player.

Because this process removes a part of the surface layer of the disc it can only be done a limited number of times; WCTS will not recondition the same disc more than 4 times.

This process cannot repair damage to the decorative side of the disc, the side with a picture or written information.  It only buffs out scratches on the "playable" side of the disc.

Send your discs to Crystal Marschall at the WCTS office in Berlin.