Passport Adventure 2024: Library Explorers

The program will run June 1 to July 31, with the staff program running until September 2.

Printed brochures, posters, entry slips, stampers, and "extras" will be sent to your library the week of May 6. Below find digital promotion, printables, and the Toolkit.

Access the Library Explorer Passport Adventure toolkit here for all resources.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW VIDEO (for library staff training)

SOCIAL MEDIA Graphics & Videos or Canva template link to all square images and all FB cover photos

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Sample Press Release




TRAVELING WINNIE ACTIVITY - click link to access multiple versions. Print and use what works best for your library.

TALLY SHEET & INSTRUCTIONS MASTER sheet - print, add you local phone code word/number. 

PRIZE ENTRY SLIP MASTER - print 1 copy, add your library name to top before photocopying. Or contact Angela at for more slips.

PASSPORTS - Contact Angela to have more sent to you. If you find yourself short on passports, you can print a few on your in-house computer until you get restocked from Winnefox. Passports print on 11x17" paper.


WELCOME LIBRARY EXPLORER! poster  - Download 8.5x11" PDF or 11x17" PDF

GENERAL PROMO POSTER - Download PDF or edit Canva template


1200x400 Facebook page header

Download PNG or edit Canva template link


795x500 for websites and social posts

Download JPG or edit Canva template link




Square for social posts

Download PNG or edit Canva template link





Internal poster to print on 8.5×11

Download PDF or edit Canva template









External poster to edit and print - promote outside of library

Edit Canva template (add library name/logo)