Meeting Owl Loan

Meeting Owl photoWinnefox has one Meeting Owl Pro available for loan. It's a 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker combined into one device designed to be used with a group. It is ideal for hybrid meetings where some people are remote and some are onsite. The Meeting Owl camera will automatically show whoever is speaking, and the omni-directional microphone can cover a large room.

This equipment is only to be used by library staff, NOT patrons.

To reserve the Meeting Owl, contact Pete Hodge at 920-236-5273 or To ensure availability, you should reserve it as far in advance as possible.


  • 360-degree views and audio
  • automatic zoom and focus that responds to who’s speaking
  • 18-foot audio pickup radius
  • 8 smart microphones equalize speaking volume
  • 1080p camera
  • 360-degree tri-speaker

The "package" will contain the following equipment:

  • Meeting Owl Pro
  • 6.5 foot micro USB cable
  • power adaptor
  • quick-start guide

On receiving the Meeting Owl, try it out to make sure it works and that you understand how to use it before using it for your event or meeting.

Watch this one-minute demo: