Numeric Codes Used in ILL Request Replies

The table below contains all the number codes used in replies to interlibrary loan requests.

Contact Michelle Rosenberg at or 920-236-5219 ext. 4818 for more information.

1 in use; owned, but currently checked out
2 in process; owned, but not yet processed for patron use
3 lost; cannot be found or long overdue
4 non-circulating or reference only; does not circulate on interlibrary loan
5 not owned
6 on order
7 volume/issue/part not yet available or not yet received
8 being bound or repaired; re-request in 4 weeks
9 lacking; do not own volume/part/issue requested
10 not found on shelves
13 cost exceeds the amount that can be paid under borrowing policies
14 cannot fill due to outstanding charges / overdues
16 lacks copyright compliance; must have copyright compliance code - CCL or CCG
17 not found as cited; info not found after searching volume/date/pages/index cited
18 no lending locations found
20 request does not comply with policies for reason indicated
24 cannot meet deadline date; no time to refer further
27 special message; must specify or explain the reason why the request wasn't filled
28 unable to obtain microfilm from Wisconsin State Historical Society
30 too new to refer outside of the system
31 in constant demand in all library systems; consider title for purchase to meet local needs
32 reference at all locations; unlikely to be lent by anyone; most sites will copy info
34 requested pages are missing from volume/issue
35 reserved
36 location temporarily inaccessible; cannot access library; retry later
38 referred on OCLC but the request was not filled by any of the libraries
40 in high demand; too new or too popular to reserve; consider title for purchase to meet local needs
41 will not lend this format
42 genealogical; submit names, cities, towns, counties, etc.
50 referral location not accessible

Note: reply codes 1-27 are being used to conform with the international standard (ISO) for unfilled replies.
Additional reply codes 28-52 are also used to provide detailed information for borrowers.

Contact Michelle Rosenberg at or 920-236-5219 ext. 4818 for more information.