WorkFlows Reports Update

The REPORTS login has too many Finished Reports. It is very difficult and time consuming to find the report you are looking for in the REPORTS login because there are so many old finished reports hanging around. Therefore, we are implementing some changes on how and what reports will be saved in Finished Reports in WorkFlows.

Monthly Reports move to the Extranet!  WALS will no longer be keeping monthly statistics in WorkFlows. Once the monthly statistical reports run, they will be put onto the Extranet and removed from WorkFlows. They will be in Excel as one large file just like the User Reports are now. For an example look at: Statistics-->Circulation Statistics-->Monthly Statistics

Please Remove Your Old Reports!  Any old weeding/maintenance reports need to be printed or stored on your own computer and removed from WorkFlows. This includes: Local Holds, List Overdues, List Claims Returned, Items with > 5 holds, Onshelf Holds, Clean Holds report, etc.  Even daily reports you might not use (like Onshelf Hold) need to be removed in a timely fashion.  Just be sure to only remove those reports for your own library. This means they will either start with your 2-letter code (ex: RI-D-Cash Report) or will have your library after the name of the report (ex: Onshelf Hold List:COLOMA)

I will be removing reports that are more than a month old. I have already removed several thousand old reports, and will be removing more. This includes weeding reports you may have run from your XX-STAFF or XX-PS/CIRC/TECH accounts. If there are old weeding reports that you need, please save them locally by Feb1st, 2015.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the REPORTS login more user-friendly for everyone!



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