U.S. Newsstream / Badgerlink Authentication

U.S. Newsstream has been added to your Research Pages under Newspapers and the alphabetical listings.  Hopefully Newspapers.com will be soon to follow.

I also wanted to mention that I have been working on removing EZProxy authentication from our Badgerlink resources in an effort to streamline access for your patrons and reduce workload for me. These resources are supposed to be available to all Wisconsin residents via IP authentication in combination with geolocation technology but there are times that remote patrons may encounter access issues, most notably if they are using a nationwide ISP (Internet Service Provider).  In this case, they should be able to log in using their library barcode at Badgerlink's Login Page.  If they continue to have problems with access, please find out what type of error message they are receiving and contact me.

Library-specific subscriptions and system-wide subscriptions that are not provided through Badgerlink will continue to run through EZProxy or another authentication method agreed upon by Winnefox and/or your library and the vendor. 

Please contact me with any questions.

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