State of Statistics Report

Here is an update on the current state of the statistics reports:

  • We have a work around.  For the foreseeable future, all daily and monthly statistics reports that run for all libraries will be in this new format—all combined into one report with the libraries as the columns and the Item Type/User Cat/ItemCat, etc as the rows.
  • These combined reports require a little more effort on the part of each library to view. Step-by-step instructions were sent out on 2/3/2014 with the subject: “How to View Finished Stats Reports” and the same general information is also available on the Extranet at: -- just not in step-by-step format.
  • I have added the “D-Circ by Item Type – Lib and Itype –Renew” report. Those libraries that care about daily renewals can use this. The “D-Circ by ItemType – lib and Itype” is the total circ--both checkouts and renewals.
  • SirsiDynix has not been able to replicate the problem in house, so it is harder for them to solve. I am continuing to hound them on a regular basis, but it was agreed at the last WTEC meeting that I wouldn’t spend any more time myself trying to solve the problem.
  • The numbers between some reports (eg, circ by Item Type and circ by UserCat1) haven’t matched exactly for a very long time.  The reason for this is because one of the renew commands doesn’t record the user ID and therefore the report can’t pull the user’s UserCat1.  Differences between other reports (eg ItemCat1 and ItemType, or Home Loc and ItemType) are because it is easier to forget to enter ItemCat1 or HomeLoc than it is ItemType. If there is no ItemType the item can’t circ.  I didn’t remember about the historical discrepancies until recently, so part of the time SirsiDynix may have been investigating the wrong end of the problem.
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