Saving Checkout History

Just as a reminder after we've had a few questions about it:

If you're adding or editing a patron in WorkFlows, and they say they want to save their checkout history, use ALLCHARGES. If they don't want to save their checkout history, use NOHISTORY

You shouldn't use CIRCRULE at all; while we are not using that option, we also can't remove it from the dropdowns.

If a patron wants to opt into saving checkout history through the catalog, they can do that by logging into their account, selecting the "Personal Information" tab and opening up the "Preferences" section (they may need to collapse their address information to see it), then checking both "Show my checkout history" and "Record my checkout history", and clicking Update. This will automatically update their setting in Workflows as well.

If they wish to opt out of saving their checkout history, they can uncheck the boxes and click Update; if they would like to completely remove their checkout history after doing so, please send me their barcode and I can run a report to remove their checkout history. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

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