Previous Patron and Other Historical Log Requests

It would help me to  keep track of your requests if you could always use the Subject:  “Previous Info Request” when you are asking me to look up some sort of previous information (usually last borrower).

This includes:

  • The previous patron requests on a damaged or missing content item (most common)
  • Any request to see a previous checkout, hold placed, patron ID, discharge, etc for verifying patron claims
  • Any request to track down oddities with transits, items that have gone AWOL between libraries, etc.

With a standardized Subject, I can set up a rule to flag these requests so that they don’t get lost in the myriad of other emails.

If it is just a standard last borrower request, all I really need is the item’s barcode.  By default, I will always send the last 2 entries in the log unless you specify something different.
If it is one of the more complicated “track this down” requests, then the more details and circumstances you can give me the better.

While it isn’t the most critical thing, and I will certainly follow up on requests with other subject headings, it will improve my ability to get you a timely response.


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