Monday 'Minder 2022.08


Today’s Topic: It's a Meta 'Minder!

How many times have you wanted to revisit, refresh, remind yourself of things you learned in a previous Monday 'Minder? I'm sure it happens hundreds of times a day. Well, don't worry--they're all waiting for you right here on the Extranet!  And, like so many other vital documents, they are accessible in multiple ways...Read on.

The most current Monday 'Minder is on the opening page of the Extranet, under "What's New in WALS."

You can "View all posts..." to see others.

What's New in WALS is actually a blog. It contains some non-Minder posts as well, but most recently it is the home of the 'Minder.  You can browse through the blog here.

Or, you can search for "Monday Minder" 

Even better, if you semi-remember which one you are looking for you can search for  "Monday Minder" and key words. For example, you want the one when I showed how to edit multiple tabs.. just search for "Monday Minder multiple tabs":

That's it for this week...

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