Monday Minder 2021.8


The New Online User Registration Form is now LIVE!! 

Patrons registering online for a library card from within the Catalog will be redirected to the new form.  If you have a link to "Get a Library Card" on your website, talk to Jay about whether the link needs to be updated.  

This new form will automatically upcase all entry data, validates that the patron entered a legitimate address, and will help the patron pick the correct UserCat1, among other things. 

Remember, this form only creates a temporary card—just like the old form it will expire by default in 30 days.  Staff will need to update the patron’s User Profile in order for the card to become permanent.  Therefore it is important to set your List Users Registered Online report to run regularly in Analytics to check for duplicate patrons and/or to update those records to permanent cards.

If a patron starts a registration but does not activate the card (thus verifying their email address), they will have a User Profile of PRE_REG.  These user records should not be completed/made permanent w/o verifying the patron’s email address with them.

Word/Excel Tip:  You already know that CTRL-Z will Undo step-by-step all of your last edits. But, did you know that CTRL-Y will RE-do them?  

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