Monday 'Minder

Here is the first of what I hope will be regular posts with 1 or 2 tips—mostly ILS/Catalog related—based on questions/issues Melissa & I have seen recently.  If 1 person asks, there’s a likelihood that others need to know also.  Also sent as email.


  • Holds that are Suspended still count against a patron’s total hold limit of 50.  If a patron finds itself bumping up against the total hold limit, show them how to create Lists in the catalog. Each list can have over fifty items, and one can place items on hold directly from the list.
  • Don’t remember how to create lists in the catalog?Here is a tutorial:

Money Basics:

  • Loan periods, fine rates, and bills on items are based on the checkout library and nothing else.
  • Bills for items returned late are calculated based on the checkout library, regardless where the item is returned. 
  • The library that collects overdue fines keeps the money. 
  • Money for payment of lost material is given to the library that owns the lost item.  
  • Money for the payment of a collection agency referral fee is given to the referring library
  • Choose the correct Payment Type. Here are the tricky ones:
    1. CARDSWIPE – For taking a credit card in Workflows.
    2. ONLINEPAY – Paid online by credit card in the Catalog.
    3. FORGIVEN – Cleared at staff discretion. Most likely Patron error.
    4. WAIVED – Bill waived by staff. Library error.

Even users who live in Illinois live Out of State. User Cat 1 should be:  X-OUTSTATE. Not Y-ILL.

Bonus Excel Tip: To open a new document w/o using mouse:   CTRL-N

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