May 31st ALL-WALS Recap

Please remember to do your ALL-WALS homework!  

Packets are going out on the delivery for those libraries unable to attend. We had amazingly good turnout for the day after a holiday, and I truly appreciate everyone's willingness to come together to talk and learn!  We had a lot of

good discussion about renewals.  Turns out many folks are overriding the single renewal limit anyway--so why not make the default renewal limit 2?  We can exclude Local Hold/New items from that default.  Also, the next release of Symphony will allow renewals to start at the original due date. This would mean that a 7-day item due June 14, which was renewed on June 10 wouldn't be due until June 21 (currently it would be due June 17th).  Lots of food for thought!

The rest of the handouts and agenda can be found here

Next ALL-WALS is August 30th, 2016.

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