The Wakanheza Project™ Workshop resources

Winnefox Library System sponsored The Wakanheza Project™ Workshop on September 20, 2011.
Presenters: Chris Carroll (Co-Director, Berlin Public Library) and Valerie Mattair (Head of Children’s and Family Outreach Services, Oshkosh Public Library)

ImageRecording of the workshop: (sorry, Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health requested I remove the recordings)

Scenario exercises (worst-case reactions versus a Wakanheza-style reaction) :

  • Scenario 1: A man left his dog in his car on a heat-warning day; other patrons got upset and asked the librarians to talk to the man, who then got belligerant.
  • Scenario 2: An angry 12-year-old who disrupts programs by bullying others
  • Scenario 3: A parent hit her child while in the library.
  • Scenario 4: A patron's ex-wife checked out a bunch of stuff on his daughter's card and lost them; wants the librarian to cancel the fines.
  • Scenario 5: A child's unpaid fines were referred to the collection agency, and the parents threatened the library director.

Helpful quotations:

  • Humankind: be both
  • We are all Earthlings
  • A person's a person no matter how small
  • Take captive every thought
  • Do unto others
  • There but for the grace of God
  • Walk a mile in his shoes
  • This too will pass
  • Sow kindness, gather love


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