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Monday 'Minder 2021.15


Today’s Topic: How to get rid of all those Lost Item Alerts, or What to do when you get the “Item not found in Catalog” popup.

 When a patron doesn’t return an item, after 30 days it becomes LOST and the patron is Billed for the item. For 18-22 months, the item stays in LOST Limbo and remains in the database and on the patron’s record as LOST bill.  3-4 times/yr I run a report that moves these items and bills from LOST Limbo to UI Purgatory. This process removes the item from the database (so they don’t show in the catalog or WF), and removes the LOST bill, and replaces it with a UI-ITEM bill.  It also writes the item’s info to the patron record in the Lost Items Note field. Why do you care? ...Read more...


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