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Monday 'Minder 2021.1

Salutations, and Welcome Back to the Monday 'Minder!

It has been almost exactly 1 year--363 days--since the last Monday 'Minder! Today's issue is inspired by the questions: What is the difference between Discard and Withdrawn in Workflows? and, What are these new item statuses I'm seeing--like AVAIL_SOON, DISCARD2, WITHDRAWN2?

Short answer: DISCARD means the item is ready to be purged from the database.  WITHDRAWN means the library has checked the item out to the WITHDRAWN user in preparation for it to be purged. AVAIL_SOON is a result of the new Acquisitions procedures used by OPL, WCTS, and soon MPL that means the ordered item has been received, is in process, and will be available soon.  

More details (& Excel Tip).....


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