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Monday 'Minder 2021.19


Today’s Topic: Notices! or "Fizzbin. It's not too difficult...."

Notices. They're not too difficult....If the patron has an email address, they get pre-due notices 3 days before an item is due and a 1st overdue 3 days after an item is due...unless the item's Loan Period is for 7 days, in which case the patron gets the pre-due email notice 1 day before it is due and the 1st overdue 3 days after item is due. Except when there's a pandemic. When there's a pandemic, then 1st overdue notices get sent 10 days after the item is due, if they get sent at all.  Unless, of course, you are talking about SMS notices which all get sent the day before the item is due AND the day it is due, regardless of whether the patron has email or how long the item's Loan Period is, and don't get sent at all when there is a pandemic. Or, if you are talking about UMS phone notices which get sent at 10 days after the item is due, even when there isn't a pandemic, and only go to patrons from some libraries and then, only if the patrons don't have email addresses.  All clear so far?? ...Read more...


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