Large Print Collection Rotation: Sending and Receiving Instructions

Sending & Receiving WCTS Large Print Rotating Collections

FYI: We will no longer be sending the Large Print Rotation Check Sheet ( This was the sheet that the Blue Cards were wrapped in) since the Blue Cards will be in the book upon receiving. 

Receiving large print books from WCTS:

  1. Everything must be discharged to remove it from “in transit” status
  2. Verify that the Blue Card is in the book and remove the Blue Card and proceed with step three.
  3. File the blue cards in a safe place until it is time to return the books. This can be done however it works for your library. Some libraries file them by the month received, this way they know which are the oldest titles to pull to return.
  4. Shelve the books.

Returning large print books to WCTS:

  1. You should have a Large Print Rotation Schedule for your library. If you do not, call Crystal Marschall at 920-361-1916 and she will make sure you receive one.
  2. The same day you receive a large print rotation; you should be putting the same number of large print titles on the van to be returned to WCTS. The rotation schedule is structured so that there is, hopefully never an extreme number of items on the van, or being returned to WCTS on any one day. We realize that at times, due to staff vacation, illness or etc, returning the large print books may be delayed; in that case just give WCTS a call at 920-361-1916.
  3. Using the blue cards from the titles you have had the longest, pull the items to be returned from the shelf. Put the blue card that matches the title in the book pocket.
  4. In WorkFlows do the following:
    1. Edit them Globally
      1. Click on the “Global Item Modification” wizard
      2. Click in the box to the right of “Item Library”
      3. Choose WCTS from the drop down list of libraries
      4. Click O.K. and wand the items in.
    2. Put each item in transit
      1. Click on the “Check Item Status” wizard. You can also use “Bookdrop”. (Both will work the same)
      2. Wand in one of the items
      3. Follow the prompts on the screen.
      4. Continue this process with each item that is being returned.
  5. Pack the books into red crates. Only put approximately 25 titles per crate
  6. Label the outside of the red crate by putting a WCTS card in the pocket.
  7. Put the crates on the van on the same day you receive new ones from WCTS.

Call Crystal Marschall at 920-361-1916 with any questions.