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Saving Checkout History

Just as a reminder after we've had a few questions about it:

If you're adding or editing a patron in WorkFlows, and they say they want to save their checkout history, use ALLCHARGES. If they don't want to save their checkout history, use NOHISTORY

You shouldn't use CIRCRULE at all; while we are not using that option, we also can't remove it from the dropdowns.

How come there are items on the Clean Holds list that are Checked Out?

Short Answer: Because a patron checked the item out after the hold was cancelled or removed or expired. This is perfectly normal.

Long Answer: The Clean Hold list will list all items with INACTIVE holds and print out the items' Current Location. Holds become inactive for a variety of reasons--none of which preclude the items from getting checked out.  The reverse is also true--just because an item on the list is currently CHECKEDOUT, doesn't mean the item can't also have an INACTIVE hold on it.

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