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Shortcuts to Wizards

Hi guys,

It's been awhile since we brought it up, so:

Did you know you can open the Checkout Wizard without clicking on it? Just hit the F5 key, found across the top row of your keyboard!

Many wizards can be quickly open this way by using one of the special F-keys; some will need to have the Shift or Alt key (on the bottom of your keyboard) pressed as well.

Which key opens which Wizard can be seen by looking to the left of the wizard name: 

Sendlist Report

As a reminder, for those who are printing out the report of the Sendlist (if you use the Onshelf Items Wizard in Workflows, the following doesn't apply):

On occassion, you will see an item duplicated on the Sendlist; for example, from Oshkosh's list:


Saving Checkout History

Just as a reminder after we've had a few questions about it:

If you're adding or editing a patron in WorkFlows, and they say they want to save their checkout history, use ALLCHARGES. If they don't want to save their checkout history, use NOHISTORY

You shouldn't use CIRCRULE at all; while we are not using that option, we also can't remove it from the dropdowns.

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