What's New for Member Libraries

New Art Group

At the Coloma Public Library, we have a relatively new group that is meeting. They are the called the "Art Coop". They meet weekly Wednesday's at 1:30pm. They started out sketching, now they progressed to watercolor. Sometimes the more experienced painters challenge the group. We have had 25 individuals try us out, now we have 13 active members. Great time is had by all at each meeting. ☺
Sandy Zuehlke

What's New in WALS

WorkFlows Reports Update

The REPORTS login has too many Finished Reports. It is very difficult and time consuming to find the report you are looking for in the REPORTS login because there are so many old finished reports hanging around. Therefore, we are implementing some changes on how and what reports will be saved in Finished Reports in WorkFlows.

What's New in General

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