What's New for Member Libraries

3D Printing

The Brandon Library purchased a 3D printer. With this new technology that is rapidly growing, we knew that now is the time. No one knows what will come in the future, but to educate patrons on how 3D printing works, what it is, how to use it, what the potential is, and what to expect in the future, we're hosting workshops. After the workshop, a patron will know the basics on designing their own 3D object or how to search and download a ready-to-use model and how to use our printer.

What's New in WALS

Removing Patrons--Dead or Alive!

There has always been some confusion about what to do with patrons whom you are sure are never coming back into your library or who ask to have their record removed. Perhaps they moved to Turkmenistan, perhaps they died, perhaps both.  The procedure for dealing with these patron records has changed in the past year or two. Here is the current procedure:

Use Modify User to edit the patron record. 

What's New in General

A New Face in Winnefox

Welcome WALS’ newest employee, Melissa Klein!  Melissa comes to Winnefox from Lake Geneva Public Library where she worked the circulation desk. She is fresh out of grad school having completed her MLIS from UW-Milwaukee in May of 2013. Melissa has a strong background in cataloging and public service. As Melissa becomes more familiar with Winnefox and we become more familiar with her, we will start figuring out which questions can be directed her way.

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