Here are links to screenshots, screencasts, and downloadable FAQs, guides, and other demonstrations of how to use new or changed functions in Workflows.

Cash Management

Cash Management is an optional set of wizards within Workflows that allows libraries to handle patron purchases of library-designated items (pay for print jobs, book sale items, Friends donations, etc), and then report on transactions at the workstation at the end of the day.

For libraries using Cash Management, there is a general tutorial on how to start using Cash Management, first presented at the March 30, 2016 All-WALS meeting: Cash Management Presentation. 

For common questions, there is also a Cash Management troubleshooting guide  available (after downloading, please select "Enable Editing" and press Ctrl while clicking to follow hyperlinks).

To perform a refund using Cash Management, please see the Cash Management Refunds document.

If you have questions, please contact Melissa at klein@winnefox.org, or 920-236-5230.

Catalog Tutorials

Documents on explanations and helpful tips on the new catalog ("Enterprise".)

Circulation Tutorials

How-tos, reminders, and other guides to general circulation functions can be found here.

Thirty-Second Reminders About Modifying Users

Removing Deceased Patrons (with thanks to the Neenah Public Library for sharing their guide)

Handling "Field Not Defined" error

How to use the Transfer Wizard


MobileCirc is an optional app developed by Sirsi for use on smartphones and tablets. It is the equivilent to WorkFlows on mobile devices. With a device that has the MobileCirc app, libraries can check out, register patrons, pull holds, perform weeding, and other circulation functions. Also, MobileCirc can be used to track events in the library, to generate statistics on who is using library programs.

For more information about MobileCirc, including installation and setup, please see the MobileCirc FAQ document, and the MobileCirc Event Tracking document, or contact Melissa Klein at klein@winnefox.org or 920-236-5230. 

Offline Circulation

In the event of an Internet outage, WorkFlows can be used ONLY to check out items.

Please see the guide Working with Offline Circulation for more information.

Mobile Circ is not a good substitute for WF Offline Circulation.

Updating WorkFlows

Updating Workflows:

Usually, when there is an update to the system, the next time you log into Workflows, you will be prompted to update Workflows. In general, this is a matter of following the prompts and accepting the default answers. A more detailed description of the process can be found in this document: Updating Workflows.

If you run into any problems, contact Karla (smith@winnefox.org), Melissa (klein@winnefox.org), or Pete (hodge@winnefox.org).

Video Tutorials

The main location for screencasts is: https://winnefox-system.screencasthost.com/

There are three channels of screencasts, representing different categories.





Watch for additions!

WCTS Selection (BCAcq)

BLUEcloud Acquisitions, or BCAcq, is the software used to allow libraries to select materials for purchase off of Selection Lists, and place Add-On orders for materials that are not on a Selection List. This software went live on 3/15/2020. 

The following are training documents on how to use various aspects of the software:

The following are videos on various aspects of the software: